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New Kesha Album On The Way, Unleashes "Praying"

It has been a tough, emotional past few years for pop star Kesha. Here's to the positive future though as she excitedly announces a new album. Rainbow will arrive August 11th and we now have the track "Praying" as a taste of what's to come.

"Praying," co-written by Kesha, Ryan Lewis, Ben Abraham and Andrew Joslyn, is a serious piece of music when it comes to the subject matter at hand. In the intro Kesha says in a voiceover:

"Am I dead? Or is this one of those dreams? Those horrible dreams that seem like they last forever? If I am alive, why? Why? If there is a God or whatever, something, somewhere, why have I been abandoned by everyone and everything I've ever known? I've ever loved? Stranded. What is the lesson? What is the point? God, give me a sign, or I have to give up. I can't do this anymore. Please just let me die. Being alive hurts too much."

The new track is the tale of opposites. She knows where she's been but all eyes are on the future.

What do you think of the song?

written by: Tyler O

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Written by Tyler O

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