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Top 6 points to remember before launching your own YouTube channel

So you think you’re making fairly decent music and are all set to launch your own YouTube channel?! It’s very important that you don’t rush into the decision, and follow some very important points to ensure that you get the right start. For instance, it’s very important to learn how to properly edit videos for YouTube, before you record or publish anything. Let’s go over more such points that you must keep in mind.

Gain some technical skills

An average YouTube video is of around 4 minutes’ duration. Not many people pay heed to the camera angles, proper recording and careful editing that normally go into their creation. Although you can go low budget, it’s always better to invest into a good camera as well as an efficient video editing software. Please remember, a web cam is just not good enough! The camera you choose will need to be good in both the video and audio aspects. Considering such cameras don’t come cheap these days, you can even use a good high-end smartphone for such video production; iPhones are particularly good for such recordings.

Improve your writing ability

Before you even pick up a camera, you’ll need to work on your research and writing skills. Start by picking a subject and then carry out some research. Although you may not be able to make out from the videos published on YouTube, the most successful of them have properly worked-out scripts. Writing the script is the best way to make sure that you don’t veer away from the topic and communicate your point effectively. No one likes a person sitting dead in front of a camera, blabbering continuously for endless number of minutes.

written by: Tyler O

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Written by Tyler O

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