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Logic's 'Everybody' Comes During A Just Societal Time

Logic is a rapper that has an incredible amount of emotional depth to him and it's beautiful. At a crossroad of being on top of his rap wealth and dealing with personal mental health demons, Logic chose to put out Everybody, an album that incorporates a bountiful amount of important social statements.

At face value the title of release is an easy concept to grasp -- people come in a variety of characteristics and through acceptance we become a better world. Perhaps one of the most common themes on the record, the rapper addresses his biracial background and how it's a positive he's a little bit of two worlds. It should also be mentioned how many special, genuine guests appear on the album ranging from Killer Mike and Alessia Cara to Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Logic also broke to the world that his next album will be his "last" in an interview with Genius. Time will tell how involved the musician will be in the music industry after that.

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Written by Tyler O