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Elton John To Put Out Live Album On Record Story Day

April 22nd will make the 10th anniversary of Record Store Day. To make the day special, Elton John has come forth to release 17.11.70+, an in studio live recording from 47 years ago, on the vinyl holiday.

Elton gave some background on the release, "The album ‘17-11-70’ was not meant to be a live one at all; we did one of the first-ever stereo radio broadcasts live at A&R Recording Studios in New York City in 1970 on the 17th of November. It was Phil Ramone’s studio, one of the greatest producers of all time, and we just went in the booth and played it as a three-piece: Nigel Olsson on drums and vocals, Dee Murray on bass and vocals, and myself. There was a studio audience of about 100 sitting outside the booth, hearing it coming through the loud speakers, and we just played..."

He also adds, "there’s a 16-minute track on it that was completely improvised, more or less, and I’m very proud of it: I think it’s one of the greatest live albums ever made." The recording actually was released as 17.11.70 in 1971 after a bootleg version sold so well on the market. Adding the plus sign to the title marks the 6 unreleased tracks added in.


A1        Take Me To The Pilot

A2        Honky Tonk Women

A3        Sixty Years On

A4        Can I Put You On

B1        Bad Side Of The Moon

B2        Burn Down The Mission (Incl. My Baby Left Me / Get Back)

C1       Indian Sunset

C2       Amoreena

C3       Your Song

D1       Country Comfort

D2       I Need You To Turn To

D3       Border Song

D4       My Father's Gun

Will you try to pick up this album on April 22nd?

written by: Tyler O

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Written by Tyler O

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