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DJ Khaled Gets Instagram Series 'The Bless Up'

DJ Khaled has always been one to dawn the lavish lifestyle and garner love from just about everyone in the creative business. It has been revealed that the social media master will be partnering with music lifestyle brand WeBuyGold.

Khaled will get a new series called The Bless Up where we'll see the musician himself taking fans under his wing to have a great time with. Through the social media app Instagram, viewers will be able to tune and possibly get to be featured on the show themselves. On top of this, DJ will take on a creative role with WeBuyGold by "developing, producing and appearing in WeBuyGold’s original content while also curating and exposing new music talent."

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DJ Khaled stated on the new partnership:

"By working with WeBuyGold, we're going to tell stories in a new way about the biggest and up-and-coming artists across music. Our first show, The Bless Up, embodies everything I am about. It's an opportunity for me to show how grateful I am and share that with my fans by blessing them up."

What do you think of the collab?

written by: Tyler O

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Written by Tyler O

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