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Cold War Kids Get Sentimental About L.A. In "Restless"

Cold War Kids' brand new album LA Divine hopes to bring the same vibe for the listener no matter where you may be from. The song "Restless" from the album has gotten the music video treatment, depicting groups of friends, a family, and a couple each individually going about their days in the sunny city.

In reference to the track, frontman Nathan Willett told Billboard:

“LA people are typecast into two roles. The hungry single artist chasing their dreams OR the happy couple that is compromised and settled. You're either edgy, moody, inspired or safe, soft and ineffectual. This is troubling to me. Where are the stories where love actually sets us free? What would it look like to live that way... to have the best of both worlds?”

How did the video make you feel?

written by: Tyler O

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Written by Tyler O

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