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Promoter Arrested In Fetty Wap Altercation

Three people were wounded on Monday after an altercation involving Fetty Wap occurred at a deli in the rapper's hometown of Paterson. The latest on the incident is that now a hip hop promoter, Raheem Thomas, has been charged with assault and weapon offenses after pistol-whipping another person in the head with a gun he wasn't legally allowed to have on him.

Thomas is the CEO of Muscle Team Entertainment and had recently posted to Instagram a person wearing a mask and a "1738" Fetty Wap chain. On top of this he posted his own music on YouTube taking jabs at Wap. Regardless, it is not known of the event exactly went down, just that three people ended up getting shot and now Raheem Thomas has been booked on charges.

What do you think of the whole ordeal?

written by: Tyler O

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Written by Tyler O