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Kendrick Lamar's Mysterious Post To Instagram, Releases Single

The Grammy Award-winning Kendrick Lamar took to Instagram last night to get people talking. Lamar deleted all of his previous Instagram posts and shared an image with the roman numeral IV.

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One could simply assume that new music is on the way in some form whether it be a single or a full release. Recently however, the famed musician stated the new album would come during an "urgent" time. With the New York Times T Magazine he also added an even different perspective:

"We’re in a time where we exclude one major component out of this whole thing called life: God. Nobody speaks on it because it’s almost in conflict with what’s going on in the world when you talk about politics and government and the system... To Pimp A Butterfly was addressing the problem. I’m in a space now where I’m not addressing the problem anymore."

Here comes "The Heart Part 4," the first single from the upcoming album. In classic Kendrick fashion, it's a 4 minute-plus song that's worth diving into and dissecting.

What do you think of the new song?

written by: Tyler O

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Written by Tyler O