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Katy Perry Heads To A Creepy Utopia In "Chained To The Rhythm"

The original "Chained To The Rhythm" lyric video from Katy Perry consisted of hamsters representing the downfall of societies individuality and morals. The official music video has now arrived and has the same exact meaning. This time around we watch the pop-star head to a theme park from the surreal future. In this disturbed world peoples' enjoyment is pinpoint predicted and everyone goes with the flow with everyone else. An exaggeration of our current society can easily depict the dark meaning.

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"Chained To The Ryhthm" was written by Katy Perry, Max Martin, Sia Furler, Ali Payami and Skip Marley. Perry's song made history on Spotify with it being streamed 3 million times in a single day, setting an all-time record for most streams in a single day from a female artist.

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