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The Possibility Of Bruno Mars Taking On Prince

The 59h Grammy Awards, airing February 12th on CBS, will be one for the ages. This year's upcoming awards will be the first since the passing of one of the most respected artists of all time, Prince. In an ode to a great, Bruno Mars may take the stage to use his opportunity to do a tribute alongside The Time.

The Time is a group that was formed under a Warner Bros clause with Prince that state he could work with other artists for the record company. It's uncertain, however, what exactly Bruno Mars will be playing with The Time come showtime as the possibilities of what songs to perform could come from multiple groups' catalogs.

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A Prince tribute is risky. Lady Gaga as we all remember did a David Bowie tribute at last year's Grammy Awards to many unfavorable criticisms. A tribute to Prince is just in our opinion because it is with The Time, a group the purple icon associated with. We will have to wait till February 12th to see what may come -- maybe a medley of sorts?

Do you think Bruno should do it?

written by: Tyler O

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Written by Tyler O