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Ed Sheeran Takes It Back With "Castle On The Hill"

Ah the famed name known as Ed Sheeran is back in the headlines once again. This time it's a music video for "Castle On The Hill" and, as expected, matches perfectly.

The video gives us a glimpse at Sheeran's hometown of Framlingham in Suffolk, England by depicting a flashback story of the musician growing up. Shots of friends hanging out, a love interest, and rebelliousness round out the themes of the throwback. All in all you'll feel an overwhelming sense of nostalgia but you have a Ed Sheeran song to go with so it's not that bad.

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"Castle On The Hill" and "Shape Of You" will both be seen on Sheeran's forthcoming album. Both singles reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time and that fact marks the musician to be the first one to ever accomplish such an accomplishment. Divide arrives March 3rd.

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Written by Tyler O

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