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Case Against Usher, Bieber Officially Dismissed

My World 2.0 was the debut album for superstar Justin Bieber back in 2010. The Biebs along with the oh-so famous Usher teamed up for the song "Somebody To Love" on that album and saw it become a massive hit with a whopping 360 million views on YouTube and has gone platinum in both the US and Norway.

Back in 2013, however, a man by the name of Devin "The Dude" Copeland thought "Somebody To Love" violated copyright laws by copying parts of his own creation of the same name. Copeland wanted $10 million in damages but had the case dropped in 2014 with the ruling:

"The songs cannot be reasonably construed as being substantially similar. Although the accused’s songs have some elements in common with Plaintiffs’ song, their mood, tone, and subject matter differ significantly."

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In a turn of events, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals brought the case back in 2015 but now, as of last week, the case has been voluntarily dismissed by the Eastern District Court of Virginia. A huge weight off of the shoulders of the artist, writers, record labels, and everyone involved. Time to move on.

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written by: Tyler O

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Written by Tyler O