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The Weeknd Teases "Mania" Short Film

The Weeknd is seemingly always up to something. This time a short film called Mania will be released "soon" and the first thing that comes to mind is something of the nature of Drake's Please Forgive Me and Beyoncé's Lemonade.

Mania is the result of the Weeknd working with the director of "Starboy" once again, Grant Singer. The film is most definitely here to give some more attention to and mark the celebration of the Weeknd's new album Starboy (released November 25th).

So far we have 4 tracks from the new album: "Party Monster," "False Alarm," "Starboy," and "I Feel It Coming." Expect some shocking visuals and new music on this new film.

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written by: Tyler O

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Written by Tyler O

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