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DNCE — Did Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Bruno Mars Have a Baby?

Okay seriously, this album is giving us some major flashbacks, but in the best way possible. The debut full-length album from dance pop band DNCE — comprised of Disney alums led by teenage heartthrob Joe Jonas — has some very familiar sounds on it, and we are HERE. FOR. IT.

We decided to categorize all the songs from the album by artist we thought could have collaborated on it, and here's some tracks for reference. Take a look at what we picked, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


"Cake by the Ocean" vs. "I Kissed a Girl"

"Good Day" vs. "Birthday"

"Naked" vs. "Hot ‘n’ Cold"

"Zoom" vs. "Waking Up in Vegas"

"Pay My Rent" vs. "California Gurls"


"Almost" vs. "Cold Water"

"Truthfully" vs. "Love Yourself"


"DNCE" / "Doctor You" / "Toothbrush" vs. "Treasure"

"Body Moves" vs. "Chunky"

"Blown" vs. "Runaway Baby"

"Be Mean" vs. "Moonshine"

"Unsweet" vs. "Just the Way You Are"

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If you haven’t heard “Cake by the Ocean” yet, we’re not entirely sure what rock you’ve been living under. DNCE was the unlikely breakout group of the summer with that catchy song, and they’re following up their success with the release of their debut album, DNCE. So as all you snow birds make your way to warmer weather for the holidays, blast this album as your vacay playlist, whether you’re road tripping or just hanging out with the fam. Some of our favorites include “DNCE,” “Doctor You,” “Good Day,” “Truthfully” and “Pay My Rent.” Let us know yours!


written by: Kristin Corpuz

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Written by Kristin Corpuz