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5 Spot: Five Anti-Trump Songs

It's that time of year where Americans go out to their local polling places to choose the leader of the nation. This year being a match-up of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has given us all a major headache. Almost overwhelmingly musicians have called out Trump's racism, sexism, ableism, and really any other with that "-ism" suffix. It has been more crucial than ever to go out and vote!

With that in mind here are five great anti-Trump songs:

Local Natives

Indie rock outfit held back anger but still put their point across in their track "Fountain Of Youth." The song attack idealism that is outdated and puts in the recommendation that maybe we should be listening to what the younger demographics have to say. Now is the time for people to step up and have their voice be heard, especially those with their future on the line. In a statement on the election the band had to say:

"The Presidency is a special and important office. Let's give it the respect that it deserves and commands. Let's turn down a man who dismisses bragging about sexual assault as locker room banter, a man who continually belittles and puts down minorities. Let's elect someone prepared, super smart, and who has dedicated her entire life to public service."

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written by: Tyler O

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