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5 Spot: Ways Lady Gaga Promoted "Joanne" Unconventionally

Recently Lady Gaga showed the music industry that she's one of the best there is when she put out her 4th Billboard number #1 album. Joanne came via Streamline/Interscope Records and sold over 200,000 units in it's first week alone. It should be highlighted how uniquely and smartly this album was promoted leading up to it's release. The media campaign was brilliant and without further ado here are 5 ways Joanne was promoted unconventionally:

Dive Bar Tour

Promotion is all about getting people to talk about some given thing. When you're one of the biggest names in the world what do you do differently to get people to talk? Gaga's answer: play venues way too small for your stature. In celebration of Joanne the singer played 3 intimate shows across the US where she showcased some of her tracks. The stops included Nashville on October 5th, New York City on the 20th, and Los Angeles on the 27th.

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The New York City show was extra special because it was at the Bitter End, a venue Lady Gaga performed as an unsigned talent years prior. After the performance the singer belted two songs from the rooftop outside to adoring fans still around. Also to note: all three shows were live streamed on Bud Light's Facebook page, due to a sponsorship agreement throughout the whole tour, as well as on her own personal page.

written by: Tyler O

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