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5 Spot: Five Vibes While Listening To Tove Lo's "Lady Wood"

Multi-platinum recording pop artist Tove Lo is aiming to make a big splash with her brand new album Lady Wood via Island Records. With prior hits such as "Habits (Stay High)" and "Talking Body" and a recent gig as being the supporting act for a Maroon 5 tour, Tove Lo has surely got the hype surrounding her.

With that in mind here are five emotional vibes that the songs of Lady Wood give off.


The general vibe of Tove Lo is seemingly one that is sturdy. She is who she is and she's not really concerned if people really approve of it. “Dirty on the inside/damaged goods but nothing but pride you give me lady wood” is a confidence-emitting line from the title track that the singer is proud of exactly who she is.

One could also make the argument that the song structures themselves breathe a sense of confidence. The songwriting knows exactly where to place choruses and bridges that add the perfect amount of spice. Tove Lo knows exactly what she's doing as a writer.

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written by: Tyler O

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Written by Tyler O

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