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Solange Releases A Pair Of Music Videos

Not one but two -- yes, two -- music videos were just released by R&B/pop force Solange. As visuals are becoming once again an option to propel a musician's career, we start seeing creative media strategies being utilized by mainstream musical acts. A documentary, an artistic TV special, whatever may be to create some buzz and have people talking about you.

It's a really cool idea for Solange to release two different music videos at the same time. New visuals have come for the tracks "Cranes In The Sky" and "Don't Touch My Hair."

"Cranes In The Sky"

This music video seems to center around uniqueness and variety. Shots focus on the changing fashion choices, from outfits made out of leaves to flowy, pink dresses made out of who knows what, as well as the changing background environments, from the back of theaters to the middle of a desert. Musically the track is hypnotically laid back and soothing.

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"Don't Touch My Hair"

Equally as beautiful as the previous, the video for this one surrounds the essence of being human. A seemingly black empowerment song centers on how there should be pride in being black. There's nothing wrong with your hair is the motto representing the fact that those who hate are in the fault and the world just needs more acceptance. It's incredible that we are exactly as we are.

Solange released her brand new album, A Seat at the Table, on September 30th to the delight of fans everywhere. The album is currently at  #1 on iTunes US Overall Chart and #1 on iTunes R&B/Soul genre charts.

Pick up the album here! Tweet as us with your thoughts of the videos!

Written by Tyler O