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5 Spot: Most Epic Superbowl Performances

As you've probably heard by now Lady Gaga has been announced to be the performing act at the upcoming 51st Superbowl half-time show. Gaga has the duty to live up to the hype of previous spectacular half-time shows, which I'm sure she will. In the history of Superbowl shows we've seen plenty of questionable performances but we've also seen plenty of incredible ones.

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Here's 5 of our favorite Superbowl half-time shows:

Paul McCartney - 2005

Every time Paul McCartney's name is mentioned you just automatically think of a musical legend. The 2005 Superbowl saw the musician playing classic Beatles tunes with an overwhelmingly sense of confidence. McCartney knows how to play these songs to a t, so it just naturally happened that a massive crowd like that could be swooned. "Hey Jude" to close out the set had every member in the audience singing along. You'll have to just reminisce yourself by clicking HERE.


written by: Tyler O

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