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5 Spot: Favorite Lyrics From BANKS’ “The Altar”

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Banks is an artist that tackles the tough topic of the human condition. The R&B/alt-pop vibe her music gives off combined with her heartfelt voice creates something truly special.

You're lucky because the second studio album from the singer, The Altar, comes out today. Out through Harvest Records the album is a collection of the good times as well as the bad times. Banks surely had a lot to say in these 13 songs so we chose our 5 favorite lyrics from all of them.

"I follow you around like a dog that needs water.” – from "Gemini Feed"

Metaphors are a way to express what you're trying to say in an artistic way. BANKS gives us this image of a dog needing water to explain how dependent she is on this specific person. A thirsty dog will follow its owner without even consciously thinking about and this comparison can be easily understood by the listener. "Gemini Feed" comes as the first song in the track listing and had a music video released for it. Watch below:

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Written by Tyler O

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