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Explore The Surreal World Of Empire Of The Sun's "High And Low"

Australian electronic music duo Empire Of The Sun are using audio-video mediums to their full potential by sharing their new creative video for the latest single. The track is called "High And Low" and the combination of the music and the video surely do test your brain.

At the beginning there are moving shots of a forest and all seems calm. Then it switches and surrealism takes over. CGI, aka computer generated imagery, can either fit really appropriately or fall flat and be corny if it's not up to par. It's safe to say the CGI in "High And Low" looks spectacular. You get to see the band members up above the clouds, objects defying gravity, a beautiful night sky, and even a giant eye embed in the ground.

Nick Littlemore of the band had to say:

“Imagination is something that we've always nurtured and promoted and however one achieves that ecstatic madness of being is fine. It can be love to some people, it can be taking a walk in nature, or it can be scaling the heights of a psychedelic experience. As artists we like to live on the edge. I guess this song is about finding some equilibrium there.”


The song is featured on Empire Of The Sun's new album, Two Vines, which comes out October 28th!


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Written by Tyler O

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