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Kings Of Leon Share One Continuous Shot "WALLS" Video

Simple representation of ideas can often be the most impactful. This proves to be true in Kings Of Leon's new video for "WALLS" in which the only band member in the entire video is vocalist Caleb Followill. It serves to make him appear emotionally vulnerable as you see plenty of decently far away angles and even a close up on his face as he sings.

"I can get there on my own
You can leave me here alone"

The best part of this whole audio-visual medium is that they chose to do the entire thing in one take. To go with the title, a good portion of it features Caleb in a tiny makeshift structure that's made up of nothing but a few pink walls. Then it zooms in and takes the singer in front of multiple beautifully green-screened scenarios. The song itself is so melancholic but the backdrops and environments add a whole another artistic level.

Kings Of Leon's new album WALLS comes out 10/14!

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Written by Tyler O

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