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Elton John Performs "Weight In Gold" With R&B Sensation Gallant

Not many legendary musicians use their status to shift some of the focus to newer up and coming talent but Elton John did just that with the Apple Music Festival at London's Roundhouse. Los Angeles native Gallant is one that Elton thinks deserves some more spotlight. When the two met on stage they surprisingly played one of Gallant's songs called "Weight In Gold" and shocked the entire crowd with their performance.

The legend started with the baton and sung some soothing baritone vocals as the new talent waited patiently while doing some slow-mo, cool dance moves to the groove. Then Gallant took over the melody duties and took the song in a totally different direction. When the bridge of the song hit, not only did Gallant showcase his incredible falsetto but also his masterful control over his voice. Every single person that listens to this performance will be at least a slight bit impressed. I mean, c'mon, just listen to how high of notes are being sung.


written by: Tyler O

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Written by Tyler O