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Chris Brown Released On 250k Bail After Arrest

Chris Brown was arrested in his residence  yesterday (August 30) after a call to the police that he was threatening a woman with a gun. Brown was released at 11:19PM, according to Los Angeles County jail records. The first court appearance is set for September 20 at Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center.

The Los Angeles Times, model Baylee Curan, said that Brown and a friend became angry when she complimented the other man's necklace. She also said that Brown used a gun before asking her to sign a nondisclosure agreement.


One of the Brown's friends then told "her not to touch the jewelry and to leave the house immediately." When she didn't listen, he started calling her name.


“That's when Chris Brown kind of went off, pulled out a gun and said, ‘Get the f--k out,’ He was saying, ‘Get the f--k out! Haven't I told you guys enough?' And kind of threatening me with the gun like if I didn't get out he's going to shoot me with it.”

Afterward,s Brown posted (deleted) Instagram videos claiming his innocence. "When I call the police for dangerous people that are stalking my life, they don't come till the next day," he said in one clip. "Let somebody make a f--ked up allegation about me and oh yeah, the whole f--king SWAT team. My n---a. I'm innocent. I'm tired of this s--t."

written by: GrooveVolt

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Written by GrooveVolt