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NEVER FORGET: My Chemical Romance's 'The Black Parade'

The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance was released on October 23rd, 2006... Feel old yet?

Many people are quickly to brush off anything remotely related to a gothic/emo style but The Black Parade was truly a piece of art. A good number of the population probably has no idea that the album is a concept album from start to finish. It tells the story of a dying man with cancer, named "The Patient," who dies, gets sent to the afterlife and ponders what he did while he lived.

The peak in the story definitely comes in the form of the track "Welcome To The Black Parade." In reference to the song, vocalist Gerard Way stated the idea in which when a person dies maybe life leaves the body in the form a favorite memory. In this case it was a parade the Patient attended when he was a little kid. The music video for the song showcases the story of the album well:



The logistics for the Black Parade are incredible from the viewpoint of any musician. The album has sold over 3 million copies worldwide and created an absolute frenzy of a cult following solidifying them as one of the best rock bands of the 2000's.

If you're up to date though with My Chemical Romance you know that the band has been broken up since 2013. However, come a week or two ago, the band released a teaser with "9/23/16" at the end which speculated possible reunion rumors. Unfortunately, those rumors were shot down when it was announced that there would be a reissue of the Black Parade along with unreleased demos in celebration of a decade of the album being out. The Black Parade will be remembered as something that went against the grain. It was unapologetically theatrical and will stand the test of time.

Pre-order the 10th anniversary edition here!

Written by Tyler O

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