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Is Frank Ocean Still Teasing New Album?

How many times do we have to go through this song and dance... Frank Ocean has been waving his metaphorical USB in our faces for years too many, as we sit in anticipation and wait for a Channel Orange follow up album. Might today be the day? (Don't hold your breath...)

We're straight up confused. Last year, Frank's tumblr page revealed the plan of releasing his album Boys Don’t Cry in July 2015... But here we are in August 2016 with no signs of progression.

Today we're presented with yet another frustrating teaser. The artist mysteriously posted a live Apple Music stream on the morning of August 1, jokingly leaving the image of an empty room. Naturally, fans all over the globe sat in anticipation and stared at... absolutely nothing.

What is the mockery!?

Over the course of 3, hours we've gotten little to no movement. Occasional ambient music will play, slight camera angle changes... Frank is then spotted in the picture, checking his phone and... Cutting wood?


We'll try to keep you in the loop. Looks like we, yet again, have nothing promising. We will say that this is the most insight we've received in years, which is not so bad of a future. Look at the glass half full....

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UPDATE: Boys Don't Cry is officially released this Friday, August 5. His live stream is apart of a "major video" project, calling it #ENDLESS.

Written by GrooveVolt