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Marvin Gaye Documentary Announcement: "What’s Going On"

A Marvin Gaye (family approved) documentary is on its way. Being one of the most inspiring and moving musicians in history, the movie will explore the depths and details of his life in the making of becoming the legend he was.  Marvin, What’s Going On? about the making of the singer’s 1971 album. Produced by Noah Media Group and Greenlight, Nona, Marvin III, and Frankie Gaye (his children,) as well as his former wife Janis Gaye will be featured in the documentary, speaking on his legacy and inspiration to generations above and beyond his years.


The film is set to release sometime in 2017, with direction by Gabriel Clarke and Torquil Jones and shot in Detroit, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C..


Written by GrooveVolt