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Majid Jordan Gets Destroyed by Lust in “Make It Work”

When musicians act in videos to their songs, they can almost convey their art like separate people. Canadian R&B duo, Majid Jordan (Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman) recently did this VHS-style in their video for “Make It Work.” We watch the perspectives swap from both singer and producer. We get Majid (the singer) who has a more serious time and Jordan (the producer) who hangs loose as a womanizer. Majid looks stern and contemplative on a chair while a woman undresses and tries to tempt him in daylight. He observes but doesn’t budge. Meanwhile, Jordan casually smokes and takes night drives with an obvious lady beside him. For a second time, Majid now tries his chances with another tattooed girl at a party, getting closer, but again something interferes with his lust. The remainder of the night unravels in consequence as the emotionally dark song, “Make It Work” nears its finish— and the ending doesn’t look so bright and clear for everyone…

Written by Ariana H