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Blood Orange Drops Early Album "Freetown Sound" ...And It's Great

Dev Hynes recently announced that he was releasing an album... BUT we didn't know it would be this soon! Set to release this Friday, it seems like Dev said f*ck it and unleashed his project early.

This certainly isn't a complaint, as Blood Orange's artistry was highly missed. He's been spotted playing shows in NYC's Apollo Theatre and making waves with a subtle internet presence, but a full length project is among us. The album is called Freetown Sound, and it's certainly not a light listen.

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His project dives into topics of loneliness, heartbreak, happiness, racism and everything in between. It's a culturally relevant body of work, emerging his unique imagination for musicianship with topics that are so present in today's society.

Not only will you hear Dev, but some surprise guests make their appearance. The tracklist for Freetown Sound was never revealed, making these collabs a first look and listen. You'll get to hear artists like Carly Rae Jepsen and Empress Of featured, as well as plenty more.

Stream the album on Spotify below or show him some love on iTunes.


Written by GrooveVolt