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Watch DJ Shadow Do His Thing in "The Sideshow" Visuals

Today, the legendary DJ Shadow released the video for his collaboration with indie rapper, Ernie Fresh, to promote the drop of his new album, The Mountain Will Fall. The track is called "The Sideshow" and we have to say that we are super impressed with its video for various reasons:

First of all, its an absolutely great track, with DJ Shadow showing off his crab scratching and twiddle skills. He also uses green screen to give the viewer the impression that he is moving seamlessly from place to place. Furthermore, the video also makes use of sound reactive visuals that appear to come out of his mixer, turntable and drum machine. However, the coolest part of the video is that he has Ableton Live 9 - our favorite DAW at GrooveVolt - open on his computer. But don’t take our word for it - watch the video for yourself below!

written by: Techno Ted

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Written by Techno Ted

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