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The Five Best Jimi Hendrix Songs You (Probably) Haven't Heard

Our favorite guitarist here at GrooveVolt is none other than Jimi Hendrix - obviously. That being said, we cannot tell you how many times we talk to other ‘fans’ of his, and they would say their favorite song is "Purple Haze," or "Foxy Lady;" If you say this to a true Hendrix fan, you might get embarrassed - they wont tell you should be (free love blah blah blah). If this applies to you, then this post is what you want to read! Here are five songs that will impress any true fans of Hendrix:


1)   Valleys of Neptune

Jimi toted this as his masterpiece. It has various pseudonyms, including Gypsy Blood and Cactus. Though Hendrix died before completing it to his satisfaction, it was released posthumously in 2010.


2)   Message to Love

This was Hendrix’s Woodstock opener. Heavily fuzzed and univibed, this was one that couldn’t be left off the list.

3)   Hey Baby

Maui. Hendrix. Acid. Enough said.

4)Villanova Junction Blues Jam

This one is a Motherf$%*er to find – we literally had to go to Russia. It is filled with fast licks and burners that will melt your face off. Start at 6:45 for a real treat. This is the best stuff Hendrix ever recorded.

5) Earth Blues

There are various versions of this song released, our favorite is by far his collarboration with the recently deceased Johnny Winter. Though the recording leaves a bit to be desired, the licks are so tasty that this is our pick for best version.

Written by Techno Ted

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