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THE REVIEW: Digitalism Speak on 'Mirage'

German production duo Digitalism recently dropped their new album, Mirage, and let us tell you -- it is a sonic treat. We have recently had the pleasure of listening to this wonderfully consonant album on repeat, and it is a real jam. It sounds like the love child of Daft Punk and Rock & Roll.

We liked a lot of the elements that this album brought to the table and we appreciate their ability to keep the listeners attention. A lot of times when one listens to electronic music, one locks into that 4 on the floor and then zones out. This is not the case for Mirage. For example, "Open Waters" changes really smoothly over time while maintaining cohesiveness; This keeps the song remaining interesting.

We also admire their ability to keep their electronic music within the realm of mainstream pop while still paying tribute to house and techno in some of their songs. For example, "Power Station," at first, sounds reminiscent of a Daft Punk song, but then they drop in what sounds, to us, like Roland TB-303. The TB-303 was a revolutionary synthesizer, critical to the development of house and techno. These kinds of gifts they give to their songs, allow for more texture in the album.

In addition to the TB-303, they used A LOT of retro synth sounds. On "Mirage (Part One)," they have these tastefully detuned ambient chords and a bassline that sounds like it should be in an arcade game from 1993. Although they begin to use less antiquated sounds in part, there is still continuity between both part one and two.

Digitalism’s Mirage is a wonderfully cohesive album. It has everything you want in an early summer album: good vibes, deep basslines, and most importantly, it makes you want to dance.

We got so amped over this new album, we had to get more insight...


On the heels of their packed out NYC show and in the midst of a full North American tour, we caught up with Jence to speak more on topics like their creative process and the phenomenon of finding yourself through music.

Written by Techno Ted

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