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Announcement: The Roots Picnic to Migrate to NYC This Fall

If you missed The Roots Picnic this weekend, fret not. To our surprise, the band announced their migration to NYC's Bryant Park this fall, moving the renowned festival to Manhattan grounds for a very special two-day experience. Headliners include that of D'Angelo, The Roots, John Mayer, Wu Tang Clan, David Byrne and Nile Rodgers (yes, we're freaking too...)

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"New York is a second home to us," Questlove" told Billboard about the expansion. "There's going to be pop up shops there, really good curated food, comedy, DJ parties there and acts that you wouldn't expect... We're deeply involved in everything, from the grass area to the food you're gonna eat to the music you're gonna hear in between. We're a part of all of that."

Check out the full lineup below.


Written by GrooveVolt