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TRAVIS Knows How To Create Something Beautiful

If you don't know them by now, the Scottish rock band TRAVIS is made up of vocalist/guitarist Fran Healy, bassist Dougie Payne, guitarist Andy Dunlop and drummer Neil Primrose. The band's eighth (yes eighth) studio album, Everything at Once, is already out digitally but hits stores via Caroline Records May 27. If a band is on their eight album with no signs of stopping, it's safe to say that this is their calling in life. We would describe Travis as a genuine, idiosyncratic and artistic take on musical expression in the best of ways. Various songs are observant, nostalgic, and content but the commonality is that each seem to have a real specific story full of depth.

"All art is made by the 4 year old version of yourself, completely unaware of anything apart the moment they are in so vulnerability is a big part of this," frontman Fran told us.

Everything at Once is such a perfect title, making your mind's creatively wander. Most people probably interpret the title in an emotional sense, good or bad, and their musicality really bodies what the holistic approach was presented as. "What Will Come" is the album opener and it simply makes us picture the band playing the track in front of a massive crowd with everyone swaying back in forth in unison. Their first single "3 Miles High" is all about the atmosphere -- It features acoustic guitar, synth, and some of our favorite lyrics on the album.

"Everyone has a wall to climb
But we don't really have the time
To give a who-how about it"


Another very notable track, amongst plenty others, is "Idlewind." At first it seems as if it'll be another classic acoustic ballad from TRAVIS, but shortly into it you'll realize it's something a little different. The song features a vocal performance from the talented Josephine Oniyama, making it a duet scenario. The mix of Healy and Oniyama together simply takes you to another planet.

TRAVIS will always do their own thing.



Fran continued to tell us, "I think if a song is written for commerce, it will be commercially successful. If a song is written for you girlfriend, mother, father, son, daughter, friend, enemy... and that song by some fluke is played massively on radio, then it will go deeper than if it were just written for commercial reasons. So even though TRAVIS have been commercially successful, it's been accidental as I have never written commercially. When there is more than one writer, the chances you have a pure song are almost zero."

Throughout TRAVIS' career they've had two No.1 LPs, had 6 albums enter The Billboard 200, and have sold more than 8 million records worldwide. To accomplish all that, you have to be bringing something that resonates with people -- and they seem to do just that.

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Written by Tyler O