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Happy Birthday Janet: 25 Times Janet Changed the Game

Funny how time flies when you're having fun! The megastar, innovator, beauty, and mother-to-be (though she's already birthed many of your favs) Janet Jackson celebrates the big 5-0 today! From music to dance to jewelry design, Jackson has remained at the forefront of true creativity, displaying her talents since she was a toddler with her musical family before breaking out in the acting and music world. With 1986's Control, Janet began an illustrious career that hasn't stopped, with her latest release, Unbreakable becoming her sixth number one album which made her only the third person in history to score a number one album in the last four decades ('80s, '90s, '00s, and the '10s).


Though some may try to diminish her influence on today's music, it is almost impossible to imagine what music would sound like, what female artists would look like, and what music videos would be like without the work of Janet Jackson. This momentous birthday gives me an excuse to brag about the LEGENDARY status of Queen Janet with 25 videos/performances that redefined pop music. It will not only give you a reason to spend the day watching Janet videos, it will also serve as a lesson in excellence and a reminder of why Janet Jackson is one of  baddest women (if not the baddest) in the game.

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(side note: who do I have to talk to at YouTube?? There's so many videos missing??! I won't stand for this madness!!)


1. That time in 1986 when she was all cute and we fell in love

2. That time in 1986 when she told us she was in Control

3. That Time in 1987 when she let us know she was here

4. That time in 1987 when she inspired your fave to start practicing in the mirror

5. That time in 1989 when she proved she was a rock star and we LIVED

6. That time in 1989 when she got turnt in black and white

7. That time in 1989 when she educated the masses while hitting the ultimate 8 count

8. That time in 1990 when so looked so happy and chic

9. That time in 1990 when she got sexy and never looked back

10. That time in 1993 when she made us feel some type of way!

11. That time in 1994 when she demolished the MTV VMA stage

12. That time in 1994 when we were reminded that she was an OSCAR nominated singer AND the ultimate female performer

13. That time in 1994 when she made us beg for it while in the desert

14. That time in 1995 when she casually linked up with Michael and FxxKED.IT.UP!

(and then in 2009 she made us all emotional with the her tribute to her big bro *sniffles*)

15. That time in 1995 when she was a geography hoppin' goddess (...but YouTube and Vimeo won't let me be great so I have to post a behind the scenes video but its all good because she's such a star and this is my favorite Janet song of ALL TIME.)

16. That time in 1997 when she showed black beauty in its truest form

17. That time in 1998 when she had this poor boy fantasizing about her and just when it was about to get good the damn pizza man messed up the dream, smh

18. That time in 1998 when Janet was tired of all you hoes saying she can't sing live and so she killed all of your hopes and dreams

19. That time she blessed Busta Rhymes with a feature and they got all Afro-futuristic sexy

20. That time in 2000 when she envisioned a glorious future and I'm hella mad it hasn't happened yet

21. That time in 2001 when she was MTV's first ICON and gave us a lesson on perfection

22. That time in 2001 when she got revenge on a certain *somebody*

23. That time in 2008 when she went awf in space

24. That time in 2008 when she got sensual in strobe lights with some of the best choreo of all time

25. That time in 2016 when she was kind enough to REMIND you who the hell she is.

Happy birthday Janet and thank you for everything you've done. You've made such an incredible impact on my life and I know there's so much more to come!

Written by Mercedes D

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