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Mike Posner's "At Night, Alone." Is A Journey

Mike Posner's album begins with the title track "At Night, Alone." and it's simply, as the title states,  Posner telling the listener that the album is best when listened at night and alone. On the contrary, the album ends with a track called "Thank You" in which he says "thanks for listening!" Posner's true character comes out here and we love the humor.

The second song is the original version of "I Took a Pill In Ibiza." We love hearing this version in comparison to the popular Seeb remixed version (which is featured at the end of the album with other remixed songs). This one is so much more sadder in our opinion when it comes to the utilization of certain instrumentation: piano, acoustic guitar and simple drums. In the lyrics, Mike Posner sings about looking back on his career as a musician and what it's like to fluctuate through being famous and not famous. It's astounding that the remixed version of this song is so widely played in clubs with lyrics like "all I know are sad songs." Both versions are amazing in their own different ways.

"Not That Simple" continues the somberness of the album and begins with a super catchy piano melody. The lyrics to the song seem to be an inner dialogue about a failed relationship with someone he cared about deeply. The idea is clearly seen in the bridge:

"Cause baby your beauty marks
Are like shooting stars
In my goofy heart is one of cupids darts
I’m just a nervous guy
And these words of mine
Won't reverse the time
To when you were mine"

An overall beautiful piece of music for sure.

Some other standout track for us are "Be As You Are," "Only God Knows," and "Buried In Detroit." "Be As You Are" tackles to topic of everyone having their own burdens that they deal with and through it all people should always remember to be themselves. This lesson came through a conversation Posner had with his mother (a mother's advice is always right). "Only God Knows" is a song entirely acapella with no other instruments at all. We give Mike Posner so much credit for this one for doing something artistically out of the box. The track does a perfect job at making you feel like you're sitting in front of a choir. Lastly, "Buried In Detroit" is an ode to his roots and his home remains within his original town and his family. No matter what choices and risks all over the world he makes during his life, his resting place will be in Detroit. The city will always hold a special place in his heart. Stay humble Mike Posner.

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written by: Tyler O

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Written by Tyler O