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A Look Back: Why The 1975 Are Brilliant

It's been two months since the release of I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It.  The 1975 are untouchable in the sense that no other band is really like them. This album cycle as been strategically planned out and executed professionally. Back in June 2015, the band members deleted their social media accounts for 24 hours. Among that, vocalist Matty Healy posted a cartoon with cryptic messages. An excerpt that created waves of reaction was:

"Our projected identity must change not only visually but philosophically – how do you do that? ...The hardest part of any relationship is to say goodbye … So we must leave, with a parting 'we love you.'"

Now of course reading this as a fan might strike some paranoia. People concluded it was either the band breaking up or new music was on the way. Regardless this got people talking and we consider it as a creative publicity stunt whether it had that intention to be or not. Of course, as everyone knows, the band came back to social media with a whole new style of pink and white to represent a rebirth. They could've easily just announced a new album was on the way like 99% of other bands but they chose to do it that would create a reaction.

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We really love it when a band with so much depth is raved about by the general population. I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It sold around 100,000 albums in its first week and chart at number one in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada. The album itself has 17 songs (19 with the Target bonus edition), which is way above the average for your standard album. In October 2015, the band released the single "Love Me." This song was a huge risk in our opinion because it deviated from anything they've ever released. It sounded like it could've been released in the 1970's or 80's but people love catchy tunes and "Love Me" was no doubt catchy and something they made you want to shake your hips.

The third single "The Sound" is what old and new fans wanted to hear. It's the classic the 1975 sound and definitely set the tone for me that the new album was going to be more than good. With the keyboards leading with such a melodic string of notes, you knew you were in for a song that was going to be stuck in your head for days on end. The video itself is something you'll have to watch over and over because you'll catch some different artistic element each time.

We think it's also worth noting that not every song on the album is upbeat. Towards the end of the album there are acoustic tracks about some real person topics for Matty Healy. "She Lays Down" is one of our favorite songs on the whole album and tackles the story of Healy's mother going through postnatal depression in which she has trouble expressing love and ends up falling into cocaine addiction. This song will tug on the heart strings of every single listener and we applaud Matty Healy for sharing such a sad, personal story.

On another different note, we've never seen the 1975 live but apparently they have an incredible live show. From what we can tell, they utilize a ton of visuals and, once again, we think that's brilliant. Too many bands just plug in their instruments and go -- but this band understands there has to be more to that if you want to make a name for yourself in today's industry. Their live show tends to use a ton of vibrant colors such as bright pink or bright blue and we find that so unique. The 1975 have paved their own path with whatever genre you may categorize them with. These guys are still young but we expect their careers to last decades.

written by: Tyler O

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Written by Tyler O

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