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Watch Yuna and Usher Share Their "Crush"

In preparation for another smashing album, Chapters, Yuna has revealed a brand new video. The song, titled "Crush," features the work from longtime Yuna fan and R&B icon Usher.

Yuna's sensual, airy vocals beautifully glide over a chill guitar melody as the visuals pan over her life in a stand still. Yuna sits on a large staircase as passerby's zoom back in fourth, only to have the vocalist frozen in time.

"I think I have a little crush on you"

Usher places himself in the same situation, pondering the new heartthrob in his life and singing his smooth riffs.

It's a beautifully done video and sets the mood for the track, "Crush," in a lavish way. Check it out above.

Written by GrooveVolt

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