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Prince Lived With No Boundaries - A Legend's Impact on Every Aspect of the World

Everyone has probably heard the bad news at this point. Prince Rogers Nelson AKA Prince has passed away at the age of 57. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer sold over 100 million records in his career and totally immersed himself in the art of expression throughout his entire life. He was the boldest of bold in his ways and I think that speak volumes not only in the music world but with what it means to be a human being. Prince never cared about the criticism and always did what he wanted. He was a force that has inspired many and will continue to inspire even though he is no longer with us.


I don't really recall a death in the music industry being this shocking since maybe the death of Michael Jackson suddenly in 2009. I think it's clearly because it happened out of nowhere and due to how much of an impact Prince had on so many people. In music, he released over 40 albums and won 7 Grammy Awards and was an icon. In the realm of fashion and pop culture, he took image risks by wearing heels, bright clothing, eyeliner, etc. and was an icon even further. He made the statement that life is worth celebrating and that you should always be true to yourself and not to others.



His attitude is very similar to the late David Bowie in my opinion in how "masculinity" and "femininity" should be fluid and are in reality just social constructs. Who really cares if you are a man who wears eyeliner? Objects and styles should be considered atypical in reality. It'd take guts to go this far out of the norm now; just imagine how much it took to be this way 30 years ago. It may be so easy to judge a person like Prince, but if you take a step back you will understand that he probably deserves more respect than anybody.

Prince, you will be missed but you won't be forgotten.

written by: Tyler O

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Written by Tyler O

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