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Deftones' "Gore" Proves Band Is Still Force To Be Reckoned With

Deftones are one of those bands that are near impossible to categorize into one specific genre. Their eighth studio album, Gore, is released worldwide April 8th and proves this point even further. Old fans may be looking for super heavy tracks, but I'd describe this album as moody, in which it utilizes the right amounts of everything that makes the Deftones the Deftones. There are songs that feature atmospheric ambience as a core element and there are songs that feature the big, signature 7 string guitar sound and intense yells. It has it all. This record is the follow-up to the band's 2012 release, Koi No Yokan, which debuted at number 11 on the Billboard 200.


I feel like when you're a band that has been around for almost 3 decades you either fade out over time or you progress and, in my opinion, the Deftones have only gotten better. In anticipation of the release there have been three singles: "Prayers/Triangles" (February 4th), "Doomed User" (March 17th), and "Hearts/Wires" (April 3rd). All three are very different in their own way with the first being dreamy in having Chino Moreno's vocals at the forefront, the second being super in your face by focusing on Stephen Carpenter's guitar riffs, and third being a tale of opposites and being my favorite of the three. "Heart/Wires" is the half way point in the album essentially and begins with tremolo (rapid repetition) notes with ambient layers being added over time. Then comes a point where it all drops out except for a lone guitar that leads the band into the verses. Here Chino sincerely sings "nothing can save me now" and sets the mood, only to be later changed by the explosive, distorted, and emotional choruses. In my opinion, this track is one of the best tracks the band has ever put out.

Other notable songs from the album include the title track, "Gore," and "Phantom Bride." The title track is definitely worthy of having the album sharing the same name. This one has something for every fan of the Deftones by having their classic, fun, catchy, and heavy sound. Towards the end the whole band has some sort of disturbing musical meltdown with Chino Moreno losing his mind vocally and the tempo of the hard-hitting instrumentals slow down significantly. On the other hand, "Phantom Bride," which immediately follows in the song order, is totally different. It begins with a chill vibe and powerful lyrics such as "inside of this hole you create, you hide from yourself." Eventually the song leads to the introduction of Jerry Cantrell, who is most known for being the main songwriter for Alice in Chains. From this point on the song goes to new music heights. You'll just have to listen for yourself!

All in all, the Deftones are the influences and legends to many other musicians and fans everywhere. Gore definitely does not disappoint.


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Written by Tyler O