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Cirque Du Soleil Sues Justin Timberlake for "Don't Hold The Wall" Sample

Justin Timberlake received a strange lawsuit Thursday evening over one of his standout tracks. "Don't Hold The Wall" was released on the 20/20 Experience Part 1 and Cirque Du Soleil is claiming ownership.

Allegedly, Timberlake took Cirque's original composition and sampled a portion without permission. The original song, "Steel Dream," appeared on Cirque's 1997 album Quidam. This lawsuit doesn't just involve Timberlake, but also noteworthy Sony co-writers J-Roc and James Fauntleroy.

Cirque is requesting $800,000 for copyright infringement... Yikes.

written by: GrooveVolt

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Written by GrooveVolt