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Music Essentials from GRAMATIK: "Epigram" Out Today

If you know electronic music, you know GRAMATIK is a pioneer of sample-heavy electro-funk, blurring the lines of "genre" and incorporating elements of hip hop, jazz, funk and soul into his craft. It's safe to day that without him, a huge piece of the influential puzzle would be missing.

You can guarantee an eclectic mix of tracks in every project, and Epigram is the perfect example of such artistry. The album was officially released today, March 25th. It's been nearly two years since the producer has dropped an entire album, and the 10-track journey will surely satisfy your eardrums. Here's what to expect...


The opening few tracks will get your super amped to hear the rest, with a seriously groovy funk-feel in "Satoshi Nakamoto" (featuring Adrian Lau and ProbCause). Next up is "War of the Currents," a Gramatik stand-alone that defines his sound. His deep, hollowed-out electro tones and dirty bass will, as usual, send you to another realm. This track will blast you off to another dimension. Another solid single.

Slowing things down, things go from the turn up to an atmosphere of sultry vocals and tasty guitar licks. Leo Napier will sweep you off your feet, making an appearance on tracks like "Native Son" and "Native Son Prequel" -- it's the perfect balance of sick electronic production blended with the stripped down, lavish musicianship from Napier and MC Raekwon. The two tracks go hand in hand but have two completely different vibes. It's quite the awesome marriage of tunes.

Did we mention this project is super eclectic? These tracks will remind you --

Your new favorite after hours track is provided by Gramatik -- it's called "Room 3327" and has a very avant garde-feel. Mysterious, haunting rhythm patterns and an enchanting voice rings throughout the speakers, also incorporating string instrumentation to bring you into a state of hypnosis.


The album ends on a familiar note, with tracks that sound just like home to us. "Eat Liver" "Back To The Future" and "Corporate Demons" incorporate the heavy, water-drenched electronic flairs in check, making for an easily recognizable Gramatik track. Epigram is the perfect blend of new grooves and the signature sounds we love so much.

So -- there you have it. Another gem of a project.

It is proven time and time again that Gramatik is unstoppable, a true mastermind in the world of innovative electronic music. His musicianship becomes clearer with every release, outdoing himself just about every time.

If you're huge fans like us, be sure to check out his dates below and catch a show. You'll have the time of your life.


Gramatik Tour Dates
Mar. 26 - Paris, FR - Zenith
Apr. 23 - Lille, FR - Zenith
May 27-29 - Chillicothe, IL - Summer Camp Festival
Jun. 3 - Clemont Ferrand, FR - Europa Vox Festival
Jun. 4 - Amsterdam, NL - Amsterdam Open Air
Jun. 5 - Bulligny, FR - Jardin Du Michel
Jun. 10-13 - Bethel, NY - Mysteryland
Jun. 17 - Morrison, CO - Red Rocks Amphitheatre ***
Jun. 30 - St. Gallen, CH - Open Air St. Gallen
Jul. 1-2 - Saint Denis De Gastines, FR - Au Foin De LA Rue Festival
Jul. 8 - Pont Du Gard, FR - Lives Au Pont Festival
Jul. 8-10 - Vallee De Ville, FR - Decibulles Festival
Jul. 14-17 - Bern, CH - Gurten Festival
Jul. 20 - Florence, IT - Decibel Open Air
Jul. 22 - Milan, IT - Market Sound (Chemical Brothers After Party)
Jul. 23 - Collegno, IT - Flowers Festival
Jul. 29-31 - Montreal, CA - Osheaga Festival
Aug. 11-14 - Darrington, WA - Summer Meltdown

***w/ Hippie Sabotage, Sweater Beats, The Geek X VRV

written by: Macy W

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Written by Macy W