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Too Much Bob Moses Is Never Enough: A Deeper Look at the Forward-Thinking Duo

Brooklyn-bred by way of Vancouver, BC, Bob Moses are a duo that are constantly impressing us.

Pulling from so many different sounds and influences, Bob Moses is the product of musical masterminds Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance. The two have been in relations back to their high school days, being drawn together for their mutual love for audial art.


So, what to expect?

We spent an entire week listening to the two projects BM put out last year, All in All and (most recently,) Days Gone By to get a comfortable feel at what the guys are made of... and let us tell you -- it's quite an innovative sound.

The two blend genres to create something that breaks barriers of typical musicianship. Their sound is cohesive, yet flexible. Modern deep house is the foundation for what is built on insightful lyricism and intrinsic instrumentation. Electro-lovers will certainly have a deep appreciation for their music, but it is the clear intricacy to the genuine musical aspect that intrigues just about anyone. The grooves are deep and the melodies are reminiscent of all types of tastemakers -- Bob Moses are the future.


We spoke to the guys at this year's SXSW to hear a little more about what's going on in their heads. What's their creative process like? Tom and Jimmy gave us a little clearer of an idea...


"The common misconception is that there's a clear divide of creativity, but it's actually very 50/50," Jimmy told us. "I mean, Tom ends up writing a lot of the melodies, we put the beats together and he’ll start… something will just spark with him and that snippet will (usually) be great and we'll just pick up from there... He’ll spit out something, some gibberish that almost sounds like something, and I’ll be like, 'Oh that’s great, we should keep it and build on that!' So we’ll build the song based on something so small and start to piece the track together. Then I’ll… well... I’m a terrible singer… but I’ll start whistling in the next little bit and then we’ll bounce back and forth. It’s kind of like a tennis match when it starts rolling."


"It's a really nice balance," Tom (the voice you'll always hear) chimed in. "We do all of the production and the writing of the lyrics together -- it’s not like he’s the producer and I’m the singer/songwriter or vice versa. It always starts with an idea, like a drum loop or a piano line or a melody and then its us building it up. We work really well together."

Their musicality knows no bounds. It will take you from ambient, downtempo electronica to trance-infused, tropical tunes. It's atypical artistry, as beautiful guitar tones resonate all throughout their music to add an element of authentic instrumentation. Blending new age sounds with classic influence is the definition of Bob Moses. Dehumidified harmonies and obscure melodies will keep you on your toes every time, and each project is put together in the most attentive way, paying attention to detail and pulling your heart strings in every direction.

"I’ve been able to read music twice in my life and I forgot both times..." Tom confessed to us. "Yeah, I’m the same thing," said Jimmy, "like I forgot! You know, show me a piece of music and I’ll be like... it's Greek, you know?"

The two are just as charming as they are talented.

"But we’ve both been doing music since we were tiny and our families were musical so, in that sense, yes," continued Tom. "But, I think both of us just have really diverse taste. We listen to a lot of different stuff – jazz, classical, techno, experimental stuff... So through doing all of that you get input from it. And it produces our music. Bob Moses."

Their music truly speaks for itself, and will certainly carry them to great heights in their honest artistry and forward-thinking talent. Grab their latest album release, Days Gone By, HERE and check out our GrooveVolt favorite from their previous album release, opening track "Far From The Tree," below.

Written by Macy W