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Check out Exclusive Photos of Santigold's 99¢ Takeover

In celebration of her most recent release, 99¢, Santigold held a pop up party in NYC's Jacks 99¢ Store. Aesthetically congruent with the album, the atmosphere set the tone for a celebration of music. Tumblr was partnered with the Atlantic Records artist to bring this unique experience for fans to shop and listen to the new tunes. It was quite the party -- check out the recap photos below.

Oh, and in case you missed it, Santigold released an interactive video generator to accompany her latest single release, "Can't Get Enough of Myself." You can check it out here.

2016_2_26_TUMBLRIRL_Santigold_Jacks99CentStore_©LauraJuneKirsch-9989 2016_2_26_TUMBLRIRL_Santigold_Jacks99CentStore_©LauraJuneKirsch-9972 2016_2_26_TUMBLRIRL_Santigold_Jacks99CentStore_©LauraJuneKirsch-0522 2016_2_26_TUMBLRIRL_Santigold_Jacks99CentStore_©LauraJuneKirsch-0460 2016_2_26_TUMBLRIRL_Santigold_Jacks99CentStore_©LauraJuneKirsch-0332 2016_2_26_TUMBLRIRL_Santigold_Jacks99CentStore_©LauraJuneKirsch-0316 2016_2_26_TUMBLRIRL_Santigold_Jacks99CentStore_©LauraJuneKirsch-0250 2016_2_26_TUMBLRIRL_Santigold_Jacks99CentStore_©LauraJuneKirsch-0114 2016_2_26_TUMBLRIRL_Santigold_Jacks99CentStore_©LauraJuneKirsch-0046 2016_2_26_TUMBLRIRL_Santigold_Jacks99CentStore_©LauraJuneKirsch-0043

Written by GrooveVolt

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