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Gwen Stefani Shares "Make Me Like You"

Releasing her music video live at the Grammys, Gwen Stefani is back, and she’s feeling “hella good.”

Stefani reveals a more vulnerable side in 3rd solo album, This Is What the Truth Feels Like.  Stefani reminds us of the young, pink haired, heartbroken Gwen in No Doubt's Return of Saturn. Once again, she exposes her soft side, reflecting on heartbreak and territorial struggles in a relationship -- except this time she's not smashing cakes in a wedding dress. With a pop-reggae, electronic feel, Stefani returns to No Doubt’s Rock Steady roots, in “Make Me Like You.”

The old Gwen is back,”  fans say. Some may agree that Stefani’s dynamic music style is unlike “the old Gwen. Even though she's a "chamelon," Stefani remains true to herself.

With a diverse layer in her music journey, Stefani will always be the punk-ska girl with checkered pants, pink hair, bindis, and Jamaican colored wristbands. Undoubtedly, she's the same woman who parties on roofs and does strange dances with her feet in the air. Whether she’s “Just A Girl,” an “Orange County Girl,” or a “Hollaback girl,” Stefani reminds us that she will always be the same Gwen we fell in love with.

written by: Atlantis A

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Written by Atlantis A

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