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Jeff Buckley's Unreleased Songs Start to Unleash

March 16th is going to be a very, very special day. Jeff Buckley, an icon in ethereal vocal performance and brilliant songwriting, will be heard from again. After a tragic drowning incident back in 1997, we've been left with only two studio recorded albums to hold onto -- Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk and Grace. 

Something magical is about to happen! A collection of unreleased studio recordings and covers will be released from the repertoire of Jeff Buckley -- calling it You and I. The arrival is March 16, and includes a cover of The Smiths' "I Know It's Over."


You can watch the video for it as well, directed by Amanda Demme and executive produced by Amy Redford. "I Know It's Over" portrays the relationship between a mother and her anxious son.

"When I first heard Jeff, he gave me permission to feel fully and with contradiction," Redford told Rolling Stone. "He inspired me to fight for authenticity, and to feel confidence in simplicity. To collaborate on these songs coming to life, and to see the community of people who Jeff touched, has been a privilege."

Written by GrooveVolt