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Lady Gaga is the First Woman to Perform Grammys, Oscars and Super Bowl in Same Year

Lady Gaga has proven to the world that she is an absolute super woman. In fact, so super that she is the first woman in history to perform at the Grammy Awards, Oscars and Super Bowl all in the same year.

Watch Gaga Perform Powerful Star-Spangled Banner at SB50

Following an epic National Anthem and a performance at the Oscar Awards (after winning "Best Actress in a TV Series,") Gaga is set to give a David Bowie tribute this weekend at the Grammy Awards. This very special feature will highlight some of Bowie's most noteworthy tunes, and set to run at least 10 minutes.

Gaga Reflects on When She Fell In Love With David Bowie

In addition to these accomplishments, the artist herself has spoken about an ARTPOP follow-up, set to release (hopefully) soon...


"I've been writing a lot for the past year. The show [US drama The Countess] has really affected my voice, I have to say. I'm using my listening from acting in my music more, which is crucial because it's music. Who knew I could listen even more? It's amazing to even talk about. There will be some of my pain on the record for sure, but it will be more than that. My last album was riddled with a ton of pain," Gaga continued, "that whole record. It's almost like you couldn't even get to what it is."

written by: GrooveVolt

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Written by GrooveVolt