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Dizzy Wright Sends 'Wisdom and Good Vibes' with New Music

Dizzy Wright is seriously turning heads in the rap game. Forget the flashy lifestyle of gold chains and whips, Dizzy focuses on what’s important - Wisdom and Good Vibes. His chill stoner music is more than something to smoke too cause you might learn a thing or two. His sound is up beat with a clean flow with lyrics that focus on the beauty of life and motivate listeners to chase dreams. Dizzy is what music has been needing as his songs make you want to get up and do something productive with your life. 


Off the bat, "I Got a Lot of Love to Give" sets the mood right with an upbeat track to cruise in. The album goes on to motivate you to dream big and think about life. Although the album has only eight tracks, they will be on repeat in your playlist.

Another must hear is "Let Me Live" where Dizzy lets his thoughts out on what keeps him making great music. His complex lyrics are quickly putting him at the top of the rap game as he is spreading a greater message on peace and love.

written by: Kimberly Q

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Written by Kimberly Q