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Kesha Wins Lawsuit with Former Producer Dr. Luke

Kesha and her former producer Dr. Luke have been in a steady wave of lawsuits recently, and today has shifted the game. The pop star has held off on music and worked to settle her personal life most recently, to have her judge rule to dismiss Dr. Luke's lawsuits against Kesha's mom as well as the her manager.

All of the legal action being taken comes from Kesha's claims, alleging Dr. Luke had repeatedly sexually assaulted her in 2014, and he sued back.


Dr. Luke made claims that Pebe Sebert (mother) was trying to extort him and it had forced her to break contract with his label. The judge said there was no jurisdiction over Sebert in New York (but he's filed a similar lawsuit where she lives, Tennessee). Additionally, the lawsuit against her manager, Jack Rovner, stated that Rovner jealously "hates" the producer and intended to gain more money, control and overall decision making. The New York judge said it didn't meet the standard of a tort and Rovner was acting within his authority as a manager.

The only issue left is... Quite a big one. Kesha's contract with Dr. Luke's company prevents her from recording anywhere else. She has another court date in late February to determine if the artist can release new music outside of his company.


written by: GrooveVolt

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Written by GrooveVolt