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Foxes Releases New Album 'All I Need'

Today marks the release of Foxes’, aka Louisa Rose Allen, newest project All I Need - the eagerly awaited follow-up to her debut album Glorious back in 2014. The first single ‘Body Talk’ - released last July - served as a preview of what was to be expected from the album, and it didn’t disappoint. Although only reaching No.25 in the UK charts, 'Body Talk' provided Foxes’ fans with a fresh summer anthem frequently heard on BBC Radio 1. 

‘Better Love’ - one of GrooveVolt’s favorite tracks from ‘All I Need’ - quickly followed in September 2015, a song in which the influence of co-writer Dan Smith is heard loud and clear, with Bastille’s signature phantom background vocals running through the track. 

The album, which contemplates the highs and lows of relationships, shows off Foxes’ versatility and development as a singer-songwriter, moving from flawlessly produced pop-princess to a softer - although still contemporary - more organic version of herself. Tracks such as ‘On my way’, ’Rise Up’ and ‘Scar’ expose Allen’s immaculate vocals, which are accompanied by piano or strings throughout much of the album. Despite being more stripped back than her previous work, the album still accommodates Foxes’ usual electro-pop persona with lively, energetic songs such as ‘Body Talk’ ‘Cruel’, ‘Money’ and ‘Amazing’, ultimately leaving us with an album which is as much spirited as it is earnest.


written by: Ally D

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Written by Ally D